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New blog who dis?

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hello world personal ramble

Being the try-it-all kind of person that I am, I have always fancied creating a blog. A place where I can ramble into a void, get a few views here or there, and maybe even help people out in the process! But, as with everything in life, blogs takes time and effort, and that’s before you even start writing the blog…

Today, I sat down and went through the process of initialising Hugo, importing Blowfish, configuring Firebase, and setting up deployment workflows through GitHub Actions. The result is the site you’re on right now!

Now, if you’re here anytime close to the date this post was published, it probably looks pretty empty… but give it time! The foundations have been laid, there is no longer that “I’ve got to set everything up first” barrier to entry - I no longer have an excuse!

With the start of Awaik, I have been writing TONS of dev journal entries into Obsidian, and need an outlet. So, with that said, I will be posting here when I get time!

On top of this, I make things, 3D print, 3D model, experiment with electronics, noodle in music, and have converted a van into a tiny home! So, hopefully I can share some of that here too :)

And with that, I leave you with a picture of my cat, Riga 💖