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Taylor Woodcock

šŸ‘‹ Hello, world!

Hey, World - I’m Taylor! I’m a massive nerd who likes to do things and make stuff~

šŸš§ What don’t I do?

  • I love learning new things and picking up new hobbies, from programming, electronics, 3D modelling, 3D printing, and music, to rock climbing, snowboarding, and pole fitness, if I get that itch you better know I'm giving it a go!
    Some of them even stick around for long enough to call them a hobby!
  • Making things with my hands satisfies my brain, and mixing the virtual with the physical world is even better! I sometimes use my skills to make functioning projects for problems I might be facing, and sometimes just because I feel like it!
  • I play music and have a cool collection of instruments that I have gathered over the years šŸŖ— I am working on a custom modular synth from base components, and will hopefully be able to share my music with you one day!
  • Clothes and fashion are a bit of an obsession of mine, and you will often find me in a charity shop somewhere trying to find deals on all sorts of clothes! My wardrobe is kinda ridiculous at the minute, with enough clothes to let me wear a new outfit every day of the year... (help)
  • I converted a Mercedes Sprinter into a (not-so-)tiny home on wheels with the intentions of either a) living in it to save money for a house, b) going on adventures and meeting new people, or c) avoiding the downfall of civilisation in the woods!
  • And last, but DEFINITELY not least (best, honestly), I have a cat called Riga who I cherish dearly! You'll definitely hear about her if you even remotely get to know me... you have been warned!

šŸ–‡ļø Where to find me?

don’t kill the cringe, kill the part of you that cringes

oh, also, if it wasn’t obvious my favourite colour is pink!